Juvenile Sex Offenders

There is little question that sexual arousal to children is a powerful predictor of sexual recidivism among adult abusers (Hanson & Bussiere, 1998; Hanson & Morton-Bourgon, 2004). However, the clarity appears to end there for risk classification purposes. Arousal to Continue Reading

Are Child Porn “Collectors” Dangerous?

Many child porn collectors come into treatment denying any contact offenses, however, in one case, after a short time admitted to offending against a young boy whose mother did not press charges, with the proviso that he “get help.” He didn’t “get help” in the community in that Continue Reading

Sex Offender Risk Assessment – Internet Offenders

Sex Offender Risk Assessment - Internet Offenders   The March 2011 issue of the ATSA journal contains pertinent articles on risk assessment of internet offenders. Wakeling et al. in an article pertaining to sex offender risk assessment, found that a modified version of Continue Reading

Alcohol and Drug Assessment

Alcohol and Drug Assessment Purpose. This test describes things that happen to people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. By taking this test, you will be able to determine if you are addicted and, if so, how serious your addiction is. To be addicted means that you cannot Continue Reading

Depression Screening Test

Depression Screening Test   Here are a few questions to help determine the level of sadness. Please complete this print it out, and bring it in with you on your first appointment. Call Bruce Cameron, LPC Offices in Dallas and Southlake  214-431-2032 Depression Continue Reading