Dallas Fort Worth Area Sex Offender Treatment Services

Rehabilitating Sex Offenders: Our Approach Offenders must learn responsible ways of behaving, and our treatment programs use various techniques to rehabilitate these individuals. Through treatment, sex offenders come to understand the damaging effects of their behavior and Continue Reading

Sexual Abuse Awareness

In the wake of recent high-profile sexual abuse cases, people are struggling to make sense of these situations and reconcile the allegations with their previously-held views of particular people, institutions, and the nature of child sexual abuse. Sexual abuse awareness is seen Continue Reading

Juvenile Sex Offenders – Classification and Treatment

The Behaviors and Habits of Juvenile Sex Offenders It's not Always Just About Sex Offenses New research indicates that juveniles who have committed sexual offenses are more likely to re-offend with non-sexual delinquency than sexual delinquency. This new evidence suggests Continue Reading

The Penile Plethysmograph Explained

What is a Penile Plethysmograph? The purpose of the Penile Plethysmograph is to collect information on what makes you become sexually aroused. It is a way to collect information just like taking a test or doing an interview. This procedure is to provide a patient and his Continue Reading

Juvenile Sex Offenders

There is little question that sexual arousal to children is a powerful predictor of sexual recidivism among adult abusers (Hanson & Bussiere, 1998; Hanson & Morton-Bourgon, 2004). However, the clarity appears to end there for risk classification purposes. Arousal to Continue Reading