Couples Therapy – When Intimacy Fades, and How to Get it Back

When Intimacy Fades within your Relationship Often couples find themselves in a situation where intimacy is dwindling. This condition - also known as Intimacy Anorexia - is common, but treatable. Decreased intimacy is a serious personal issue affecting thousands of otherwise Continue Reading

Pornography Addiction and Healthy Sexual Habits

Is my Loved One Addicted to Pornography? The effects of pornography can be devastating on families and intimate relationships. Our practice offers counseling and support for individuals who struggle with addictions to sex and pornography. Please contact us if you or a loved Continue Reading

Bruce Cameron, M.S., LPC-S, LSOTP, Bio

Bruce Cameron Bio   Bruce Cameron Bio-Since 1990, Bruce Cameron has worked as a therapist, and administrator for the U.S. Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons. His professional credentials include Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervisor, and Licensed Sex Continue Reading

Juvenile Sex Offenders

There is little question that sexual arousal to children is a powerful predictor of sexual recidivism among adult abusers (Hanson & Bussiere, 1998; Hanson & Morton-Bourgon, 2004). However, the clarity appears to end there for risk classification purposes. Arousal to Continue Reading

Sex Offender Risk Assessment – Internet Offenders

Sex Offender Risk Assessment - Internet Offenders   The March 2011 issue of the ATSA journal contains pertinent articles on risk assessment of internet offenders. Wakeling et al. in an article pertaining to sex offender risk assessment, found that a modified version of Continue Reading