Pedophilia and Gender

Bruce Cameron LSOTP Texas Sex Offender Deregistration Evaluator writes: There is some evidence  that individuals can gain voluntary control over their sexual arousal patterns through behavioral conditioning, such that someone who is attracted to "underage" persons could learn Continue Reading

Pornography versus Child Abuse Images

  Child Porn Versus Child Abuse Images I have been called down at seminars and presentations, by merely reciting the title of the criminal charge. .."It's not child porn ,,,it's pictures of child sexual abuse...noted in Federal Sex Offender Treatment Programs. There are Continue Reading

Bruce Cameron, M.S., LPC-S, LSOTP, Bio

Bruce Cameron Bio   Bruce Cameron Bio-Since 1990, Bruce Cameron has worked as a therapist, and administrator for the U.S. Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Prisons. His professional credentials include Licensed Professional Counselor/Supervisor, and Licensed Sex Continue Reading

Sexual Sadism DSM 5 Confusing

Sexual Sadism DSM 5:  What counts as "sexual behavior involving suffering" Sexual Sadism DSM 5 --As I interpret it the DSM-5 Sadism Disorder narrative permits evaluators to infer that sexual arousal from suffering is present where there is a history of recurrent sexual Continue Reading

Online Predators Dangers – Not Distinctively Dangerous Sex Offenders

Online Predators Dangers- Truth Explored Special Thanks Janice Wolak and Daviid Finkelhor. A new University of New Hampshire study challenges the view that online predators are a distinctly dangerous variety of sex offender, requiring special programs to protect youth. The Continue Reading