Pornography Addiction – Creates Victims?

Pornography Addiction -Does  Pornography Create Victims?


It is clear that we are all focused on similar goals of the prevention of continued sexual victimization/exploitation in our culture. That being said, I feel we may be missing the boat to a degree on the impact of pornography. For years now, we brought forth scholarly social scientists from a variety of backgrounds to address the potential connection between exposure to pornography and impact on society. But what about the individuals producing the pornography? The “talent” per se. What about them? Are they all consenting adults or is there an increasing amount of minors portrayed that are role playing, submissive, degradating and abusive situations? What about the impact on them? Are we not seeing more individuals with PTSD with elevated levels of dissociative thinking who “participate” in these videos?

With our effors to help our clients understand the potential victim impact of for instance child pornography when they tell us they didnt hurt anyone, dont we attempt to help them understand how their behavior supports an abusive culture that continues to promote abuse toward children and they are ultimately role playing the abuse of these children?

If there is any truth to these premises shouldn’t we be concerned that we may be supporting a multi billion dollar industry that promotes the objectification and exploitation of females who are becoming younger and younger in the available materials available to anyone with internet capability?

Do we really believe that there are not significant mental health, relationship, family and cultural consequences for the individuals involved in this industry?

I know we can throw alot of statistics in a variety of directions but lets not lose sight of the human element and potential victims that are being exploited, recruited on college campuses due to not having enough money, led astray with drugs and vulnerable due to a history of abuse and neglect of potential “talent” for this sad and often tragic career outlet. No, it doesnt mean that they are all victims but it is enough for me to take clinical pause regarding pornography as an acceptable outlet. I do feel that the ubiquitous proliferation of this industry is a concern not only for the consumer but for the multitude of potential victims it creates.

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