Pornography Addiction and Healthy Sexual Habits

Pornography Addiction Treatment

Is my Loved One Addicted to Pornography? The effects of pornography can be devastating on families and intimate relationships. Our practice offers counseling and support for individuals who struggle with addictions to sex and pornography. Please contact us if you or a loved one needs help with pornography addiction. The Effects of Pornography on Sexual […]

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Criminal Minds – How to Treat

Criminal Minds

Bruce Cameron LPC-S, LSOTP Provides a Thoughful Analysis Criminal Minds   TACTICS WHICH OBSTRUCT EFFECTIVE CORRECTIVE TEACHING 1. Builds himself up by putting others down 2. Feeding others what he thinks they want to hear or what they ought to know 3. Lying 4. Vagueness 5. Attempting to confuse others 6. Minimization 7. Diversion 8. […]

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Teen Sexting Now the Norm not Just in Texas


An analysis of Teen Sexting When SnapChat came out, many were skeptical.  Well, who needs that anymore?  Teens and adults alike share sexual images in texts as common as word texts.  This rapid shift in our culture was first adopted by males, as they are more visual.  Females have been quick to adapt and share […]

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Pedophilia and Gender

Bruce Cameron LSOTP Texas Sex Offender Deregistration Evaluator writes: There is some evidence  that individuals can gain voluntary control over their sexual arousal patterns through behavioral conditioning, such that someone who is attracted to “underage” persons could learn to suppress their sexual arousal to the underage category. There is a lack of credible research showing that one can […]

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Pornography versus Child Abuse Images

  Child Porn Versus Child Abuse Images I have been called down at seminars and presentations, by merely reciting the title of the criminal charge. ..”It’s not child porn ,,,it’s pictures of child sexual abuse…noted in Federal Sex Offender Treatment Programs. There are really no child pornography pictures, as pornography is more of a willing […]

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