Sexting – Child/Teen Cell Phone Abuse

It’s the newest, latest trend among school kids, and it’s not downloading songs on iPods or playing the current edition of Grand Theft Auto. It’s called “sexting”-sending graphic images and pornographic videos via text message to friends. It’s becoming such a problem that major Continue Reading

Ketamine Treatment For Depression

Depression can be a disabling and potentially deadly disorder.  Ketamine treatment for depression is here to help. Even though there are many good medications to help with depression, their effects are typically slow in onset (a matter of weeks), and often require several trials Continue Reading

Alcohol and Drug Assessment

Alcohol and Drug Assessment Purpose. This test describes things that happen to people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. By taking this test, you will be able to determine if you are addicted and, if so, how serious your addiction is. To be addicted means that you cannot Continue Reading

Gaming Addiction- Dallas

Gaming Addiction Counseling Dallas   Gaming Addiction - The world is full of a variety of different addictive substances and behaviors including: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, caffeine, chocolate, gambling, pornography, the internet, and even credit credits, that Continue Reading

Sexting Laws – The First Amendment

Sexting Laws : The First Amendment   Sexting Laws --‘Sexting’, and other teen auto-pornography, are becoming a widespread phenomenon. Perhaps 20% of teenagers admit to producing nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves and an ever-greater proportion, perhaps as many as Continue Reading