Pornography Addiction and Healthy Sexual Habits

Is my Loved One Addicted to Pornography? The effects of pornography can be devastating on families and intimate relationships. Our practice offers counseling and support for individuals who struggle with addictions to sex and pornography. Please contact us if you or a loved Continue Reading

Are You a Sex Addict?

Sex Addiction Questions   Sex Addiction Questions are utilized to determine the severity of a person's sexual addictive behavior. Now there is a clinical debate about whether this is called sexual addiction or compulsive sexual behavior.¬† Nonetheless, in my work the past Continue Reading

Pornography Addiction Treatment: First Steps From A Christian Perspective

Pornography Addiction Treatment Make no mistake: pornography is a destroyer. It will destroy your ability to be rightly and redemptively related to your spouse, to your children, to yourself, and to God himself. Moreover, overcoming pornography addiction will not happen by Continue Reading

Pornography Addiction – Creates Victims?

Pornography Addiction -Does¬† Pornography Create Victims?   It is clear that we are all focused on similar goals of the prevention of continued sexual victimization/exploitation in our culture. That being said, I feel we may be missing the boat to a degree on the impact Continue Reading